Curriculum Vitae

Place and date of birth: Quito, 1968
Address: Fransisco Salamba OE2-50 and Cristobal Lumiano
Quito, Ecuador
Landline: +593 2472924
Cell phone: +593 984725763

Contemporary visual artist, with 35 individual exhibitions displayed in Ecuador, the United States of America, Germany, England, Chile, Canada, and more than 120 group exhibitions in Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain.


1985 – 1989 College of Plastic Arts
Central University of Ecuador – Quito, Ecuador
Specialty: Sculpture
GPA: Very Good


2002 Photogravure course, Estampería Quiteña, Quito.

1989 Lithography courses
Guayasamin Foundation, Quito.

1988-1989 Screen Printing Course
Guayasamin Foundation, Quito.

1987-1988 Metal engraving courses
Grafi-k workshop, Quito.


2020 Condecoratión: Doctor Vicente Rocafuerte, for Cultural Merit, of the Assembly
National of Ecuador.

2016 Honorable Mention, First Pan-Amazonian Arts Salon
Manaus, Brazil.

1996 Honorable Mention
V International Biennial of Painting, Cuenca.

1995 First Prize in Painting Mariano Aguilera, Quito.

1991 First Prize in Painting
Ministry of Education and Culture, Quito.

1991 Honorable Mention XVIII National Engraving Contest
Municipality of Quito.

1990 Honorable Mention, National Engraving Contest
C.C.E. Quito.

1988 Second Prize XV National Engraving Contest
Municipality of Quito.

1987 Honorable Mention, XLV National Engraving Contest
Municipality of Quito.


2020 GUARANTEE of the Ecuadorian Culture House “Benjamín Carrión”. Quito

2019 Recognition of Artistic Career
Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador.

2018 Recognition of Artistic Background, Fundación Guayasamin, Quito

2018 Recognition of Career, Cultural Center of the Pontifical
Catholic University of Quito

2018 Recognition of Artistic Career, Artescena, Kunstraum,. Leipzig, Germany

2018 Recognition of Career, Sara Palacios Gallery, Nayón,. Ecuador

2018 Recognition of Career, Humboldt Association, Quito

2018 Recognition of Career, Fundación Fidal, Quito


2020 “Materialization of the Spirit” virtual exhibition, House of Ecuadorian Culture, Benjamín Carrión.

2019 “A message from models to Humanity”, graphic work, Association. Humboldt, Quito.

2019 “The power to change the world” Institute of Higher National Studies, Quito.

2018 Anthological Exhibition 1987-2018
PUCE Cultural Center, Quito.

2015 Dass Bewusste Ich,
Ecuadorian Embassy in Germany, Berlin, Germany.

2015 The Conscious Self
Humboldt Association, Quito.

2014 I love myself,
Kumstraum artescena gallery, Leipzig, Germany.

2013 Antonio Romoleroux
Gloucester Royal Hospital, Gloucestershire, UK.

2013 Daughter of Lilith
Sara palacios gallery, Nayón

2013 My essence upon your senses
Sara Palacios Gallery, Nayón

2012 Sacred Nature
Cienfuegos Gallery, Quito.

2010 Amazonia and Spondylus
Queens Art Museum, New York, United States.

2010 Spring Art
Codelco Gallery, Santiago de Chile.

2009 The self is spirit
Providencia Cultural Institute, Santiago de Chile.

2009 Antonio Romoleroux
Ecuador Gallery, Quito.

2009 Amazonia and Spondylus
Ocres Design, Quito.

2008 Nature is Sacred and humans as well
Ministry of Culture, Quito.

2007 What Do We Give Back To Nature?
Metropolitan Cultural Center, Quito.

2006 Recent Work
Ethnos Design, Quito.

2005 Diamond Water
Romoleroux Contemporary art, Quito.

2005 Diamond Water
Gallery in Movement, Quito.

2004 Yagé Mandalas
Gallery in Movement, Quito.

2003 Awakening
González Guzmán Gallery, Quito.

2002 The Coming-back Exhibition
Provincial Council, Ibarra.

2001 Antonio Romoleroux
Eight and a Half, Quito.

2000 Fear-Power
Posada de las Artes Kigman, Quito.

1999 Paper and Metal
Artespacio Gallery, Cumbayá.

1998 See Your Eyes See
Guayaquil Central Bank Museum.

1997 See Your Eyes See
Cuenca And Loja Guayaquil Central Bank Museums.

1996 Winners of the Mariano Aguilera Salon
Municipal Museum Mena Caamaño.

1995 Recent Work
Art-Forvm Gallery, Quito.

1994 Amazonian Cultures Of Ecuador
Art-Forvm Gallery, Quito.

1993 Small Format Painting
Ecuador-Canada, Quebec-Canada Project.

1993 Antonio Romoleroux
British Council, Quito.

1992 Paintings
Symbols Gallery, Quito.

1989 Engravings
Tu Y Yo Gallery, Quito.

2021 Elixie, Siria.
2021 Lotus Libya, Libya.
2020 Auction, Tullpukuna art collection

2019 Auction in favor of abused girls
Fedex, Ecuador.

2017 Sinfín, intergenerational project
PentaSiete Gallery, Cumbayá.

2016 Second International Pan-Amazon Show
Manaus, Brazil.

2016 Sara Palacios Gallery, Nayon.

2015 Ecuador loves life, Unasur, Quito.

2015 Auction in favor of abused girls
Puembo, Ecuador.

2014 Ecuador loves life
Veracruz Mexico

2014 Latin American Art
The Leipzig Refuge, Germany

2013 First International Pan Amazon Show
Manaus, Brazil

2013 Museum in the Park
Stroud, UK.

2012 From the mask to the mirror
Metropolitan Cultural Center, Quito

2011 First Meeting of Creators “Urban Visions 2011”

2010 Mariano Retro
Cultural Center, Eugenio Espejo, Quito.

2010 La Sala Gallery, Santiago de Chile.

2007 Landscapes
Cultural Arts Center, Quito.

2005 Green Wind Green Branches
Itchimbía Cultural Center, Quito.

2004 Chiva Cultural
Romoleroux Contemporary Art, Quito.

2003 Painters for La Paz
Mirarte Gallery, Quito.

2002 Memory and Present
Cultural Center, Catholic University, Quito.

2001 Building Peace through Sustainable Development
UTP, Quito.

2000 Co-corruption,
National Theater of the Ecuadorian House of Culture, Quito.

1999 Festival of the Arts
Gathesburg, Meriland, USA.

1999 Arte 100, C.C.E., Quito

1998 One of a kind
Fundacion For To Day Arts Nexus, Filadelphia, USA.

1997 Art on Paper, Art-Forvm, Quito.

1996 AIDS awareness
Posada de las Artes Kigman, Quito.

1996 Paper and Paper
Latin American Art, Banco Central De Quito, Guayaquil Cuenca And Manta.

1996 The Dematerialization of Art at the end of the millennium
Culture House, Quito.

1995 Art-Forvm Gallery, Quito.

1994 Panoramic Vision of Engraving.
House of Ecuadorian Culture.

1994 Cdx Gallery, Quito.

1994 Silkscreen Folder, British Council, Quito.

1992 Contemporary Art Room, Quito.

1992 Sosa Larrea Gallery, Quito.

1991 Ecuador Week, La Paz- Bolivia.

1991 Spanish Cooperation Agency, Madrid Spain.

1987 Engravings, Cultural Center San Sebastián, Quito.

2021 First International Biennial of Visual Art, Panama, Panama
2016 First Pan-Amazonian Arts Salon, Manaus, Brazil.

2013 International Engraving Biennial Impress 13, Stroud, UK.

2013 National Painting Salon Luis A. Martínez, Ambato.

2007 Mariano Aguilera (Des) Figuraciones National Hall, Cultural Center. Metropolitan, Quito.

2003 Mariano Aguilera National Salon, The Artist’s Freedom
Metropolitan Culture Center, Quito.

2002 II National Drawing, Graphics and Watercolor Salon
Metropolitan Culture Center, Quito.

2001 I National Salon of Drawing, Graphics and Watercolor
Metropolitan Culture Center, Quito.

2001 National Art Salon, Globalization, Nomadism, Identity; Basin.

1998 First National Salon of Painting, Azogues.

1997 Room Luis A. Martínez, Ambato.

1996 V International Biennial of Painting From Cuenca.

1995 XXLL National Contest of Drawing, Engraving and Watercolor, Museum. . Mena Caamano, Quito.

1995 Mariano Aguilera National Salon, Quito.

1994 Third World Engraving Triennial, Chamalieres-France

1994 Luis A. Martínez Room, Ambato.

1994 July Salon, Guayaquil.

1994 XXL National Drawing, Engraving and Watercolor Contest, Municipality. . Quito.

1994 Mariano Aguilera National Salon, Quito.

1993 Mariano Aguilera National Salon, Quito.

1992 Mariano Aguilera National Salon, Quito.

1991 First Exhibition of Youth Art, Quito.

1991 XVLL National Engraving Contest, Quito.

1991 Mariano Aguilera National Salon, Quito.

1990 National Engraving Contest, House of Ecuadorian Culture,. Quito.

1989 October Hall, Guayaquil.

1988 XV National Drawing, Tempera and Engraving Contest, Quito.

1987 XLV National Drawing, Tempera and Engraving Contest, Quito.


Cultural Center of Pontifical University of Ecuador, Quito.

Ecuador: Light of Time, Contemporary Artists from Ecuador
Luciano Benteton Collection, Milan Italia

Gloucestershire printmaking co-operative, Stroud, UK

Kumstraum Artescena, Leipzig, Germany

Ojo Latino, Milan, Italy

Providencia Cultural Institute, Santiago, Chile

Iñaquito shopping center, Quito.

Yersey, Ecuador. Quito.

Contemporary Art Center, Quito, Ecuador.

Banco Pichincha, Quito, Ecuador.

Diners Club, Quito, Ecuador.

Banco Atlántico, Quito, Ecuador

Museum of the Central Bank of Ecuador.

Art Nexus, Filadelphia, United States.

Troisième Triennale mondiale d’estampes, Chamalières, France
Ecuador Canada Project, Quebec, Canada.


2018 “Antonio Romoleroux” Anthological Book 1987-2018
ISBN: 978-9942-30-547-3 © Antonio Romoleroux

2015 “The Conscious Self”
ISBN 978-9942-20-916-0 © Antonio Romoleroux

2007 “Antonio Romoleroux” Anthological book, 1991-2007
ISBN -978-9942-01-342-2 © Antonio Romoleroux



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Antonio Romoleroux Exposición Antológica 1987-2018

Antonio Romoleroux ANTOLOGÍA

El Yo consciente de Antonio Romoleroux

Antonio Romoleroux, la complejidad de un artista

Antonio Romoleroux, el mensaje de las modelos a la humanidad

HIja de Lilith exposición de Antonio Romoleroux

Mi esencia en tus sentidos


2020 – 2021 Online classes in Drawing and Painting, Contemporary Art, School of Visual Arts.

2012 – 2020 Drawing and painting workshops – Cultural Program, Association. Humboldt, Quito.

2017 – 2019 Professor of Anatomy, Drawing and Painting, Pentasiete Art Estudio,. Cumbayá.

2015 – 2017 Professor of drawing and painting – Moai, Galería-Taller, Cumbaya

2012 – 2013 Natural drawing and painting workshops – Georgina Luna, Quito.

2003 – 2003 Substitute professor of drawing, Faculty of Architecture, Art and. Design, Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Quito.

2002 – 2003 Professor of Plastic Arts, Athens Private Educational Unit. . School, Quito.

2001 – 2002 Professor of Plastic Arts – Fundación Edgar Palacios, Quito.


2019 Curator of the exhibition “Bifurcations” by Xavier Medina.
Humboldt Association, Quito

2017 Curator of Tracy Caldwell’s exhibition “About Posts”, Pentasiete gallery, Cumbayá.

2017 Presentation of the 3plus2 exhibition “Three photographers and two German sculptors”, Humboldt Association, Quito.

2016 Curator to the exhibition “The city and I”, by Irene Cazar.

2014 Curator of the exhibition: “Bodygraphs” by Carolina Salamea,. Café Book, Quito.