Social help

It is a free, non-profit psychological and psychiatric care center for people who need treatment and do not have the financial means to pay for it.

It works through the exchange of graphic work by the artist Antonio Romoleroux with the Doctors’ fees, patients do not pay any value.

Professionally contribute to the resilience and mental health of people who need psychological and psychiatric treatment and who cannot cancel their value.

Foundation and financing: Antonio Romoleroux, visual artist.
Mental health professionals:
– Dr. Tania Cedeño – clinical psychologist
– Dr. Joaquín Aguirre – clinical psychologist
– Dr. Edwin Dávila – psychiatrist
– Dr. Luis Riofrío – psychiatrist
– Dr. Lucrecia Vela – clinical psychologist
– Dr. Santiago Palacios – Dermatologist

Inquiries by WhatsApp: 0984725763

Founded in Quito, on November 13, 2021


Good morning, a year ago I was going through infidelity and I didn’t know what to do, a friend informed me about the International Resilience Center, I contacted them and asked for help, they assigned me to Dr. Tania Cedeño who in this time has helped me discover the tools to learn to face life by valuing myself as a person and discovering the wonderful woman that I am, without depending on anyone, in this long and enriching process the accompaniment of Dr. Cedeño, who is an excellent professional, has been very important for me, because now I see how I was a year ago and how I am now that I discovered the wonderful woman in me, I still need it, but I am still in the process. Infinitely grateful to the International Resilience Center for their support in this process.

Since I was 17 years old I made the decision to rediscover myself, after experiencing service and training processes from 1998 until these last three years, I found very special support in the International Resilience Center, who have been supporting me and reinforcing my knowledge and experiences. In all this time, with such strong community advocacy, just as I have supported women and children in risk situations, I have had the great privilege of having the support of the International Resilience Center, as a rights promoter I need that psychological support to clarify my ideas, with technical tools, convinced that everything is built from within oneself, from the community fabric, from one’s own home, thanks to the International Resilience Center I have stopped having so much anxiety, emotional and mental fatigue, even physical and I am happier.
I feel safe referring to the International Resilience Center people who are experiencing processes of vulnerability, they are in good hands, my gratitude and all the energy necessary to continue with that charisma of selfless service.

Good morning, I want to thank the International Resilience Center very much, because thanks to the center I am healing those consequences that were still present in my life, those things that did not allow me to move forward to be able to evolve as I want, I continue to move forward with excellent therapy, and I will continue moving forward, they are excellent human beings, a warm hug and thank you very much for everything.