Drawing and testimony “The message of the models to Humanity” (2016-2020)

In the history of art, female models have generally been the object of anatomical study, but only their body and face. This series also captures your thoughts and feelings, since the answer to the question: what is your message to humanity? is written in the works, expressing the depth of his consciousness.
This work, which for the first time in the history of Western art asks the question: what is your message to humanity? to the women-models, completes a comprehensive portrait of the Being, interior and exterior, provides a space for their philosophical, sociological and experiential expression, with the aim of learning about their inner universe and raising awareness about its importance, to have better relationships with our daughters, couples, mothers, and with the femininity of the universe.
In this work, the women-models are no longer treated as things, and are portrayed as human beings, who share their knowledge with us about how to be conscious, personally and socially.
To listen deeply is to heal deeply.

¿Cuál es tu mensaje a la humanidad?
“Women are givers of life, cyclical like the moon, our menstrual blood on the new moon is sacred, like fertile fertilizer for sowing. Respect, appreciate and celebrate your menstruation, your uterus…”
“Moon” graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2017

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What is your message to humanity?
A rape and an abortion.
Two episodes that mark any woman. One forced, the other voluntary. A story that must now be closed.
16 years old, rebellious by nature, there was no family control over me. A normal day, meeting friends in the park. I don’t remember the time, but it was already late because it was dark. One of my friends, I think he was my boyfriend at that time, he went up to my house with me. Suddenly two men emerged from a nearby pasture. I don’t know if they were armed, but one of them hit the boy who was accompanying me and made him run. They put me in the pasture. One of them raped me. I don’t fully remember the act, but I know that at the end he threatened to kill me if he told anyone. Even though I saw him again years later, I didn’t tell him about it because of the fear it caused me. However, two years ago, due to a delicate circumstance in my life, when I was 37 years old, I told my family. I received words of all kinds, never blaming me; rather, telling me I should have told it.
23 years old, I don’t know if in love or excited but I was in a relationship with a boy who gave me security. As the months passed, I began to feel discomfort: vomiting, disgust with cigarettes, tiredness, dizziness. I didn’t want to tell myself what was happening. I took a blood test and it came back “Positive”. Immediately, I discussed it with my mother and given the economic situation we were experiencing, I made the decision to have an abortion. It was on time: a month and a half pregnant. Abortion is not pretty. Your body hurts, you bleed, you have a fever, you have no appetite, you vomit. In short, it is a sensation of pain without limit. But everything comes out.
I only ask women to never be silent. That it doesn’t matter what society says, what the environment begins to generate as value judgments. The important thing is one: let go of everything that hurts and heal. Let no one tell them what to do with their lives, what is right, what is wrong. If you suffer from violence or have the need to abort, do it freely, without fear of anything or anyone. And look for a person close to you to tell about your anguish and pain. Sometimes we fear that they will judge us, but the reality is that they listen to us and accompany us. Now, I am a woman ready to accompany.
“Gabi”, graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2020

What is your message to humanity?
“In the face of the ephemeral and the banal;
We have time to give everything, even if you feel like you have nothing left.
We have time to start each dialogue cleanly again.
Enjoy the company more than the technology. Sharing sunsets, united with endless dialogues, while our boys and girls enjoy the songs that our culture inherited from us.
We are in time to relearn, to sow and harvest again.
To sow in fertile land and that its fruits will be abundant… the new generations.
To make decisions that give us back the dreams taken away by selfishness and ambition.
We have time to be the voice, the cry of those who did not dare or were silenced.”
“Judit” graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2019

What is your message to humanity?
“I want to tell us that we are universal tiny transit, to all of us, right now, life is happening to us, and as a finite substance that we are and that we have the only certainty of being here, I do not believe that we arrive only to survive but to explore the world with everything that this gift implies, with our senses that are wonderful, with our body as a ship to navigate this, the best of worlds (because it allows us to exist), with our brain capable of constructing and deconstructing realities, with our hands to create a story that will have infinite echoes in the future.”
“Lisseth” sanguine, 150 x 115 cm. 2017

What is your message to humanity?
My message to humanity has to do with making a difference, transgressing
through Being connected with a purpose in life, with a mission, with
a why, with service in pursuit of the evolution of the planet and all
beings that inhabit it.
Tell them to look beyond what they know, to transcend their judgments
about themselves and about others. May they seek the balance between thinking
and feeling through the most empirical thing we have, the body, the
That in acceptance they can find the patience to go through the
processes necessary for life…
Tell them that it is no use staying in the past, nor running towards the future… that
eternity is in the present…
Telling them to respect and contemplate nature is a great teacher, enough
observe the growth of a plant, the cycles of the moon, the migration of
the birds, the language of the mountains, forests and rivers, the roar of the
sea…Also respect and learn to live with animals, allow yourself
learn from them too. Although we are the only beings with the possibility
Choosing that does not make us superior, it does make us responsible. We are connected
by the feeling, by the vibration of everything that exists, we are part of the whole and the
everything is one in us…The life of the planet, its evolution depends on each
“Syl” graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2018

What is your message to humanity?
“If we are capable of giving so much love, why do we deny it? Why do we deny that compassionate nature that we manifest when we see another suffering? Why do we look away when the suffering is from a non-human animal?
Sometimes what is normal or legal is not necessarily the right thing to do. We are perpetuating outdated traditions, sustaining a system that is based on the illusion of human superiority and that encourages the denigration of non-human and human animals. This message is an invitation to create a more compassionate, loving and empathetic reality, a reality in which we refuse to fund industries that profit from the suffering of non-human and human animals.
It is an invitation to understand that there are cruelty-free alternatives and that we can all do our part to generate the change we want to see in the world. When we reject the use, abuse and exploitation of non-human animals we are already choosing veganism; we choose the side of justice, love and peace.
This fight against apathy, violence, cruelty and suffering is already underway and will end the day all the cages are empty. We are the generation that changes the world, join me in this fight! Changing habits is not supposed to be easy but necessary for human evolution and survival on Earth. For the animals, for our health, for our children and for the planet, what actions do I take today to make the world a better place? The future is vegan”
“Laura” graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2018

What is your message to humanity?
“We are the architects of our passage through the world, I came to smile and give my colors, why did you come?
“Liss” graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2017

What is your message to humanity?
“I believe that the universe, nature and society are aligned.
With everything we do we impact short or long distance.
I want to help people be happy.
Model to give happiness to artists and viewers.
I teach yoga to help people in a very intimate and direct way.
I want people to feel in unity with an original, primitive spiritual nature of the human being.
I want to give a feeling of paradise lost and recovered.
May people find a loving unity above morality, education, religions or money.
“I want to leave experiences of happiness around beauty, love and peace in the world.”
“Alondra” graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2020

What is your message to Humanity?
“The universe is there to be explored and that fascinating adventure begins with you…
Dare to delve, to listen to yourself through your body, become a master at recognizing your emotions, know the meaning of coherence. Be guided by your own clock, the same one that is aligned with the times of nature. Observe and observe yourself in equality and similarity with other beings. We are not separate, we have different forms, but we have been created by the same intelligence coming from the same source…Love.”
“Sylvia” sanguine, 42 x 30 cm. 2019

What is your message to humanity?
“Let’s conspire together for a better world.”
“Blanca” graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2017

What is your message to humanity?
“In singing, laughing, dancing, crying, playing, playing, is our essence, our heart, let us not forget to always awaken that in ourselves and thus in the senses of others.”
“Yasuni” sanguine, 42 x 30 cm. 2017

What is your message to humanity?
“It is a call to conscious awakening, awakening of ourselves and with the world, understanding that we are beings inhabiting ourselves, and inhabiting the earth that surrounds us, as part of a whole; the cosmos, and that every action has a reaction. We are creative beings full of light and we have to unite and grow from love and respect with ourselves, and with the universe to be able to walk on the eternal spiral that is life. Have you woken up yet?”
“Camila” sanguine, 42 x 30 cm. 2018

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What is your message to humanity?
“It is important that they continue to exist, not as bodies but as beings. Each person is an individual with importance and purpose, if you have forgotten it, you must look for it again.
Humanity must pursue what makes it happy in the healthiest and most conscious way. We are capable of unimaginable things, taking one step at a time. Each individual must be himself, capable and eternal.”
“Carolina”, graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2017

What is your message to humanity?
“When something tends to be hidden, it results in the degradation of thought, a new stage of Being would be to come to see what it is and see exactly what one wants to illustrate without prejudices or obsolete thoughts.”
“Antonella”, graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2016

What is your message to humanity?
“Beauty is relative, but it is still beauty, it is a great skill to appreciate simplicity, in the fullest sense of that word.”
“Antonella”, graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2016

What is your message to humanity?
“Self-determinism and consciousness are very important, a being is as capable as he believes he is, the decency of thought comes from the nobility of the Being and that is what has to be recovered, the innate capacity to recover goodness.”
“Antonella”, graphite, 42 x 30 cm. 2016

“Judit” process

“Judit” process

“Judit” process

“Judit” process

“Gabi” process

“Gabi” process

“Gabi” process