Artist Statement

Art has the power to transform the human psyche and give new meaning to life.
I am interested in questioning the concepts, the production industry and the usefulness of contemporary art and reformulating my own concept.
My work creates unprecedented techniques and concepts, with the aim of reflecting, raising awareness and taking action on the social realities of vulnerable groups, providing a space for the expression of people in vulnerable situations, also resilient people who have overcome adversity, as well as for visibility of the semiotics of the Amazonian indigenous peoples and for the conservation of the biodiversity of ecosystems in danger of extinction such as the Amazon rainforest; To achieve this I use techniques such as the casting of handmade paper with engraved copper in large format, of my own invention, oil on intagliated paper, the testimonial portrait, resilience, installation, photography edited with Photoshop later painted in oil on canvas, and vector drawing with Illustrator.