Art has the power to give new meaning to life and heal the human psyche.
The inner goal of my work is to take care of my emotional health and the outer goal is to contribute to the health of other living beings.
I am interested in questioning the concepts, the production industry and the usefulness of contemporary art, to reformulate my own concept, production and usefulness.
I work with original techniques and concepts of my own authorship, with the aim of reflecting, raising awareness and acting on social realities of vulnerable groups, promoting a space for the expression of people in vulnerable situations, as well as for the visibility of the semiotics of the Amazonian indigenous peoples and for the conservation of the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest; I use self-created techniques such as: handmade abaca paper fused with copper etching and aquatint, which means the balance between nature and industry and that weaknesses can be converted into strengths, I also use oil on intagliado paper; as well as more traditional techniques such as oil on canvas, drawing, engraving and sculpture.
The predominant themes are Amazonian semiology, resilience and visual and testimonial portraiture.