Artist Statement

For 34 years of professional career, my work has always been focused on the balance of the human essence and that of nature.
My first series, Systemic Identities (1989-1991) denunciated social injustice; later I decided that my work should not only denounce, but also give testimony of people overcoming adversity in the series The Conscious Self (2013-2014) that shows testimonial portraits of people resilient to depression, rape, abandonment, addiction and death, worked in photography, video and text. The series A message from models to humanity (2016-2021) displays drawings, portraits and nudes of art models, in which I write their answers to the question What is your message to humanity? with which I complete a portrait of a whole: face, body, feeling and thought of the models, who are spokespersons for all resilient beings.
I investigated pre-Columbian art, and the symbology of the Spondylus shell. The next step was to investigate the semiotics to various living Amazonian nationalities, which gave rise to the series Amazonia spiritual (1992 to the present) whose works were made in painting, sculpture and engraving.
I am currently working on the series My essence in your senses (1994 to the present) with a technique of my own invention: handmade abaca paper cast with engraved copper.
The paper I use is made by hand with abaca fibers. This plant (Musa Textilis), rich in cellulose, is a palm tree that serves to restore soils that have been destroyed by monocultures; In my work, this fiber not only represents soil conservation, but actually, by using abaca, I contribute to nature and soil preservation in a very pragmatic and material way. For all these reasons, this paper symbolizes nature and spiritual frailties.
Copper is etched and aquatint and welded with silver, symbolizing industry and material strengths.
The Amazonian semiotics engraved on the copper represent the jaguar, the anaconda, energy, the frog, as they are acknowledged by the Amazonian peoples as sacred beings that do part of their unique ecosystem’s biodiversity.
By fusing/melting paper with copper, I physically demonstrate that nature is who contains industry and that frailties become strengths and spiritual consciousness.
With all this I aim to raise awareness that the balance of the planet depends on the balance of the deep Self.

Antonio Romoleroux